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public classes


1. gather with friends

Whether you sign up with a friend or by yourself, you are sure to leave with a new group of best friends.  
Classes are kept at usually 8-14 students to allow for full participation.  

 2. learn some new tricks

Paula kicks off the class by introducing ingredients, simplifying cooking techniques,
and answering questions from the group.

3.  get your hands dirty

Now it's your turn!  Put those new tricks to use by assisting Paula in the preparation of the featured menu.  
Receive one-on-one instruction and assistance to help refine your skills.

4. enjoy a delicious meal

Sit back and enjoy a full serving of the prepared dishes.  
Be sure to come with an appetite -- no small bites here!



All classes include one complimentary glass of wine and a Crème de la Crème recipe binder.  
Students are welcome to bring a favorite bottle of wine to enjoy during the 3-hour class.  


private classes


1. choose your menu

When booking your own private class, you get to choose from an array of menus Paula has featured in other classes

throughout the years. Click Here to browse delicious eats from easy homemade dinners to unique ethnic indulgences!

2. bring family and friends

This event allows you to invite 8-14 people along for the ride. We've celebrated events from sweet 16's,

to bachelorette parties, birthdays, and more!

3. enjoy an intimate evening

While the class is familiar to public classes, the difference is that you get to enjoy learning some new dishes

and techniques with those closest to you, and what better way to celebrate the art of cooking?



All classes include one complimentary glass of wine and a Crème de la Crème recipe binder.  
Students are welcome to bring a favorite bottle of wine to enjoy during the 3-hour class.

Contact to book your Private Class.



creme conquest


We are so excited to introduce our newest event: Creme Conquest! This event incorporates the best from your favorite

cooking challenge shows, all within the dazzle and experience at the Creme de la Creme kitchen! Perfect for

corporate events or team building activities, and now open as an upgrade for private classes!

1. prepare your spatulas

On arrival, the group splits into three teams, each manning their own set of kitchen supplies.

The team is given a set of selected ingredients, but no recipe and no name of the recipe- this is where 

the fun begins.

2. fight!

The timer starts, and the team has to cooperate to put ingredients together and try to guess the secret dish.

As soon as time's up, judges will try each dish and grade on a scale of 1-5 in three categories: taste, presentation, and creativity.

3. feast on victory or dine on defeat

Once the competition is over, Paula will reveal the real dishes and the recipes for each to take home, while also teaching

attendees all of the creme tips and tricks that come with other classes. Then, participants then get to feast on the meal

they were trying to guess. After all, competing does make one hungry!



This event runs 2 1/2- 3 hours. Minimum of 8 participants.

Contact to book your Creme Conquest.


frequently asked questions


Feel free to contact with any questions that don't

appear below

When do private classes open?

The opening of private classes may vary. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website to be notified as soon as they open. 

When do public classes open?

Our public classes open a month in advance from the specified month (ex. April public dates open the first week of March). You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website to be notified as soon as they open.

How do I book a class?

Dates for open classes will be announced through our newsletter. Classes will show up in our shop, where you can either put your down payment on a private class, or purchase a ticket for a public class! For private classes, you will be given a unique link for each of your attendees to purchase their own ticket after you reserve your date.

How many people can I invite to a private class?

We ask for a minimum of 8 people per private class and a maximum of 14. If you intend for your party to be smaller than 8, we do still charge for the extra ticket(s), so please fill your class!

How do I book a Creme Conquest event?

Contact to book this event. We usually offer one per month, but feel free to shoot any dates you have in mind!

Can I refund my tickets once they're purchased?

We do have a no-refund policy for our booking fee and tickets. Please contact if you need to cancel a class/ ticket.

What time should I arrive for class?

Most of our classes start at 6:00, and doors open at 5:50. For classes at other times, doors don't open until ten minutes prior.

Can I bring my own drinks to class?

Yes! For each class, students receive a glass of wine upon arrival, but you are more than welcome to BYOB.


meet paula


Paula's home is set on an acreage on the outskirts of Omaha, overlooking the Elkhorn River Valley. Fruits and vegetables from her orchard and gardens make up the wholesome ingredients in her fabulous recipes. Her first loves are her 5 children, her husband, Adrian, and her Frenchies. (And new addition to the family, Scout. Thanks Jake!) Her friends and students mean everything to her. Cooking in her home is an expression of love, which is why she has her own kids and family in the kitchen with her almost every day!

"My love for cooking started at a very young age. My Mom had me in the kitchen baking with her and helping out with family meals. She taught me the importance of good food and sharing it with your  friends and loved ones.

When I was 7 I took my first cooking class series for kids. I was hooked! Later, as a freshman in high school, I learned how to cook out of Julia Childs “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (French food has been a favorite since then). After high school, and with a move to California, I eventually worked in every area and aspect within the food service industry. I got my hands into whatever I could! From working side by side with a head baker in San Diego to helping chefs create meals they made with their families back in Italy. These, and many other experiences, exposed me to a wide range of culinary techniques and foods from many different cultures. 

I love that I can bring families and friends together to share the love of cooking with each other. My classes are designed for learning, eating, and having fun! I can’t wait to have you in my kitchen! xoxo"

photography courtesy of  C Phelps Photography

photography courtesy of C Phelps Photography