Fourth of July Bash

Hello, and happy Saturday!

There is a major holiday around the corner and, as I promised, it is time I shared some of my favorite holiday traditions. I LOVE tradition. From food, to decorating I am a fan and try very hard to make lasting and loving traditions for my family. (Because honestly I expect the favor back when I am too old and too tired haha!)

I wanted to give you all some easy, beautiful, and practical ways to liven up your holiday environment. In today’s posts, we’ll be going over some Festive Table-Setting, Banister Decorating, and I’ll be giving out two (yes, two!) new and delicious recipes to be featured at your Fourth of July party. One is my Simple Barbecue Chicken Legs recipe, and following that, for Wednesday’s YouTube release, I’ll be doing a video over The Firecracker Fourth Poke Cake— amazing!

In decorating, I like to keep it simple and not too spread out. Meaning— I take only one or two spots inside or out and I decorate them. A lot. I prefer the look over little bits here and there which are so spread out and can come off as unorganized and haphazard. I like making my decorating look very intentional. I love it. So here we go... here are a couple of my go-to decorating and cooking traditions!

We’ll start here with the Table-Setting Ideas. I hope you all enjoy!

Festive Table-Setting Ideas

What you’ll need:

Small paper sacks, craft paint (in patriotic colors), small stamps (I used a circle and star shape), paper napkins (again, in a patriotic color), some festive paper straws, champagne glasses and your preferred cutlery.

Optional: mini clear bags, silver twist ties, and your preferred small candy.

Now that your materials are gathered, let’s get to it!

Next, we’ll move onto filling these holders!


Just simply fold two corners of your napkin together and stick in in! Tuck your silverware along with, and voilà! An adorable (and easy) way to set your holiday silverware. I accompanied my silverware with a festive paper plate and added a table mat to make the table setting feel more full!

As an added step, I took some mini clear bags and silver twist ties to display some “star” chocolates of course— but you can choose any candy you’d like! M&Ms and Hershey kisses would do the same trick. These were then placed right on top of the champagne glasses. Now that’s fancy table setting!


So now, let’s move on to the rest of the table!


There are lots of hanging decorations out there this time of year, I usually like something full like the paper lantern, and something like our paper fans, more decorative and intricate to balance it out! Tying some bow ribbons on your lanterns can also add an extra accent!


After setting up the hanging decorations and plates and cutlery, I added some assorted candles, and I had some star dishes on-hand to fill with snacks! Altogether, you have a full, beautiful, and practical way of decorating your table for the holiday!

I also added a beverage bin to the side, full with patriotic-colored drinks— super cute!


This setting could work outdoors or indoors, and for as many attendees as you’d like!

Next, I’ll show you how to decorate the outside of your house- it’s banister-decorating time!

Festive Banister Decorating


What you’ll need:

5 yds. festive fabric per 10 ft. of decorating area, different varieties of festive ribbon (I used a small navy blue one and a plaid patriotic colored one)

Though, not everything you grab from the craft store has to necessarily be “Fourth of July” themed. That’s why I went for a red polka-dot and blue plaid fabric. You can mix and match simple colors and patterns to make your own Fourth of July look!

The trick with decorating your banister is to simply make sure everything is even! Tying your ribbon on the fabric pretty loose will help you so much, as you may need to adjust fabric as you work.

What’s great about this project is you can make it exactly the way I did, or make it completely your own! There are so many things you can add onto your banister too, but I hope I gave you a great jumping-off point! The best part about this kind of banister decorating is that everything can be washed, stored, and used next year! The perfect tradition.

Hope you enjoy!

Now, it is no holiday without a feast, and I have two delicious recipes coming your way! To check out my delicious Simple Barbecue Chicken Legs recipe and a sneak peek of The Firecracker Fourth Poke Cake, check out this link here!


As always, send pictures of your creations here, and have a wonderful (and safe) Fourth of July! God bless this amazing country we live in. Enjoy the time spent with your family and friends this year!