Donut Cake Birthday Bash!

My youngest. What to do with another birthday… sigh.

Time seems to tick on quicker than I would like. How in the world— and I mean this— is my youngest entering her teenage years? I still feel like she is small enough to ride this little plastic Barbie horse across our woods floors in her footie jammies. Okay, who are we kidding. She wasn’t even small enough to do it then (sorry plastic barbie horse).

I mean, how is she now old enough to roll her plaid skirt up to wear it just a tad shorter than her mom would like?! Wonder who she would get the idea from… (I’m looking at you, Ava and Sophia...)

All that being said, let’s get to the important stuff. Birthday cake— but not just any birthday cake. We have to remember that Maya doesn’t like cake… or cheesecake… or lava cake. I don’t even know who’s daughter she is.

So, we compromised. And actually? It was a good one. Mom scored.

Donut cake.


This donut cake was made up of layers of her favorite donuts. Each layer was carefully placed on tiers of cake pedestals. And of course it had to be adorned with “happy birthday” on top. 


On the side another fun thing to do is donut kabobs. Who doesn’t like to eat a couple donut holes on a stick?  Cute AND functional! What more can you ask for?? 


So happy birthday to my beautiful Maya Rose. May your 1st teenage year be filled with happiness, much love, and plenty of donuts 🍩