Crème Club Meets Pizza Party


That's how you start off a class right!  Jennifer was inducted into the ever so official "Crème Club" tonight!  Congratulations on attending your sixth class.  It has been SUCH a joy having you at class.  Mwah!

Jennifer's private group chose my June "Pizza Party" menu.  That's the beauty of private groups -- if you happen to miss a month's class, you can choose a past menu!  Minimum of four people, but I can host up to 10 in my private group cooking classes.

This class lucked out!  They were the first class to enjoy zucchini from the Crème garden.  The kind I grow is Baby Round Zucchini originating from France.  I also picked fresh basil and thyme from my garden 15 minutes before class started!

We started the dessert - Cannoli Dessert Pizza and then I went on to teach my versatile, homemade pizza dough recipe.  

My Créme Club members are always to first to be called on to volunteer.  Here is Jennifer mixing the Cannoli cream for the dessert pizza.

It was beautiful grilling weather.  Tonight we grilled the Prosciutto and Arugula White Pizza.  Easy peasy.

The ladies wanted to see the garden so we admired the sunset and snuck a peek at my crops and herbs.  

We enjoyed warm, fresh pizza, a light dessert, and talked life.  A perfect ending to the night. Thank you Jennifer for sharing Crème with your friends and family!

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