Kids and Caramel Apples


A crisp Fall breeze nipped in the air this last weekend and the leaves blew past us outside the window. All we could think about while gazing outside was cozy slippers, some soup simmering on the stove, and some gooey delicious caramel apples! Who better to get working on this fun project but my girls? I knew their creative minds could help decorate (and eat!) some amazing caramel apples. 


The key ingredients in this Autumn tradition are wrapped caramels, a little bit of cream, and sprinkles of course!

Taking your time to ensure the caramels melt slowly with the cream is important. If you try to rush this part, you will end up with sticky, hard caramel.

Letting the caramel sit and cool just a bit on the apple helps to keep the caramel in tact. Be sure to get your sprinkles, crushed peanuts, or whatever else topping you would like on the apple immediately after. Let sit on some wax paper for easy removal.

Once cooled and hardened a bit, you can now drizzle melted chocolate to your hearts content. 


Happy faces, adorable caramel apples, and tummies full of soup made the end of this beautiful fall weekend perfection! Projects in the kitchen with your family are such a fun way to enjoy the season. 

Looking forward to more adventures in the kitchen as the holiday draw near. Can't wait to share them with you!




A bag of mini-apples

1/2 cup of peanuts

Desired amount and color of sprinkles

Four cups of individual caramels, unwrapped

2 tbsp. Heavy whipping cream

1 cup white chocolate chips

Wooden skewers



Start by freezing the apples for ~15 min., so the caramel can adhere. While the apples are in the freezer, crush the peanuts in a ziploc bag (I like to use the smooth size of a tenderizer). Combine the peanuts with the desired amount and color of sprinkles. Mix and set aside.


On increments of 30-45 sec., warm and stir the caramel and cream until melted. Take your time, do not overheat!

Once the apples come out of the freezer, clip the stems off and replace them with a wooden skewer (I found mine in the party isle of my grocery store). If water collected on the apples meanwhile, wipe off with a paper towel. 


Now to get your kids involved! Prepare your workspace with wax paper. Take a skewered apple and dip it into the caramel until fully coated, and while lifting it, scrape off excess caramel with a butter knife. Set on the wax paper, or carefully set the apple in the peanut-sprinkle mixture, coating as desired. Once finished, set on the wax paper to let the caramel set for 10-15 min.

While the caramel sets, melt the white chocolate chips on increments of 20-30 seconds until melted. Drizzle onto the apples and let cool again for 20-30 min. Voila!

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