Ava's Torte


Hello, Creme Living Blog audience! To introduce myself, I'm Paula's daughter, Ava! In preparation of my parents's return to Omaha after an extended retreat to Mexico, I decided to surprise my mom with one of her favorite desserts: flourless chocolate almond torte!

But, this dessert in particular has its own backstory. Back in 2014, my mom graciously took me on my first trip to New York City. Siding with broadway shows, shopping, and your stereotypical New York City tourism excursions, was a visit to a little Italian restaurant a couple blocks down from Time Square called "La Masseria Ristorante". 

My mom and I in Time Square! (2014)

My mom and I in Time Square! (2014)

While enjoying our meals, we noticed a women near our table who was eating this gorgeous looking slice of cake. Although our stomachs were nearing overflow, we decided to order "what she was having". Soon, we met face to face with the infamous "Flourless Chocolate Almond Torte," and the rest is scrumptious history.

Although, since revisiting the establishment a couple years later, we were disappointed to see it had been removed from the menu. Thankfully, it didn't take more than a scroll through Pinterest to find our hidden treasure, and it's the same recipe (tweaked, of course! (-; ), that I use today.


It tastes nearly the same as from the beautiful restaurant in the big apple! It's not only an easy recipe, it also makes your mouth water with even the slightest thought of it.


With its dense dark chocolate, pairing with the ground almond, it is the richest chocolate cake you might ever have; I might even have to grab myself another slice!


Nothing is better than a sweet surprise to welcome my parents with, and this cake really does the job!

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