Hot Pot

So when twins are home from college, it's all about food here at home! (Okay...what day really ISN'T about food?!?)

hot pot 3.jpeg

On the menu was an amazing hot pot! Hot pot you ask?! (It's SO good!) Hot pot is an incredible Chinese dish where the center of attention is a simmering pot of "hot" broth. And what's even better about this dish is that it has been around for more than 1000 years! Can someone say Jin Dynasty? Very cool.

You start by cooking a bunch of aromatics like star anise and dried chilies in a wok with some ginger and garlic. The house starts to smell amazing! The broth is usually a base of chicken broth and a hot pot soup base. We get that base at our favorite local Asian Market here in town. And then you prepare the feast by setting out multiple items to cook in your simmering pot! Noodles, veggies like bean sprouts and sliced bok choy, and any kind of sliced meat or seafood. We used tenderloin and chicken along with some fresh caught shrimp! Everyone gathers their bowls and puts in their own combination of goodness and into the hot pot it goes one at a time until just cooked through! Once done, you get to make your own secret sauce and then have it alongside your bowl of goodness. We usually go for seconds at this point!!

hot pot 1.jpeg
hot pot (pre hot pot).jpeg


Ava introduced this to our family after seeing this prepared on the tv show "Bizarre Foods" and thought it would be a hit. And guess what? It was! I'm not sure what's so bizarre about it, but I do know Sophia and Maya enjoyed making their bowls up too. Ava has become an expert! Many thanks to her for always being the chef in our home for hot pot family night:)

hot pot 13.jpeg
hot pot 14.jpeg

What do you think? Would that be a hit in your family too? 

Keep on cooking with your kids. You never know what "bizarre" or unique food you may become addicted to. And the time spent in the kitchen will make it even more special for everyone.



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