Crème de la Crème
Cooking School

omaha, nebraska

"I always cook with wine. unless it's brunch, 
then it's champagne!" -Paula

Crème de la Crème cooking school is an intimate, instructional cooking experience. 
Perfect for all levels, Crème de la Crème classes are held in a relaxed, state of the art kitchen overlooking an orchard. 
After preparing the featured recipes, reward yourself with a delicious meal.

What does a Crème de la Crème
cooking class entail?

 1. Gather with friends

Whether you sign up with a friend or by yourself, you are sure to leave with a new group of best friends.  
Classes are kept small, usually 6-8 students to allow for full participation.  No sitting in the back row here!

 2. Learn some new tricks

Paula kicks off the class by introducing ingredients, simplifying cooking techniques,
and answering questions from the group.

3.  Get your hands dirty

Now it's your turn!  Put those new tricks to use by assisting Paula in the preparation of the featured menu.  
Receive one-on-one instruction and assistance to help refine your skills.

4. Enjoy a delicious, warm meal

Sit back and enjoy a full serving of the prepared dishes.  
Be sure to come with an appetite -- no small bites here!

All classes include one complimentary glass of wine and a Crème de la Crème recipe binder.  
Students are welcome to bring a favorite bottle of wine to enjoy during the 3-hour class.

upcoming classes

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private classes

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introducing...the Crème Cookbook!

The Crème Cookbook is the perfect way to get caught up if you missed a class!  Inside, you will find 50 of my beloved, original recipes from my first 12 months of classes at Crème de la Crème.

a quick recap

my love for cooking

I grew up around food in the kitchen with my mom at a very young age. My first cooking class was when I was 7 years old. It was a "kids in the kitchen" series. From that point on, I learned everything I could about cooking and baking. My Aunt Linda and Uncle John introduced me to French cooking with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" as a freshman in high school.  I was hooked!  Being in the kitchen with them and having them teach me a different way to cook is something I will always treasure.

I found cooking was a way to bond and become closer with people...which is why I have my own kids and family in the kitchen with me almost every day!

I worked in the restaurant industry for years.  Those experiences exposed me to a wide range of cooking techniques and food. As a teenager, I took a Wilton cake decorating course -- which helped me when I moved to San Diego and worked alongside the head baker at Paradise Bakery every morning at 5am.  I then learned from the best Italian chef straight from Sicily at the Mona Lisa in San Diego.

My mothers have greatly influenced me as well. My mother-in-law grew up in Malaysia and has taught me the best dishes from areas heavily influenced in Indian and Chinese cuisine. I even took some of the Saveur series cooking classes with my mother! Challenging myself to learn more as a self taught cook, I get my hands on every cookbook I can to continue to learn more and create my own recipes.

I love that I can bring families and friends together to share the love of cooking with each other.  My recreational cooking classes are the perfect way to do that. Can't wait to have you in my kitchen! XO

Meet Paula

Paula's first loves are family, friends, and Frenchies.  Her cooking is an expression of love.  She has been cooking and baking since she was a child.  Paula's belief that cooking brings families and friends together inspires her recipes.  She believes that cooking is a lost art and entertaining in a warm, comfortable setting sets the tone for wonderful memories.  

Her home is set on an acreage on the outskirts of Omaha, overlooking the Elkhorn River Valley.  Fruits and vegetables from her orchard and gardens make up the wholesome ingredients in her fabulous recipes.  She finds time to can and preserve while raising five children, two Frenchies, a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, a cat, and a hedgehog named Pickles. (Update: Sadly, Pickles the Hedgehog passed away and is buried under our Mulberry tree. We recently welcomed a new hedgehog named Tink, pictured below. She is so sweet!)  

Along with cooking classes, Paula offers in-home personal chef services. Catering services are not available at the time. 






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