Baker's Dozen...Italian Style


When I lived in San Diego, I worked at an authentic Italian restaurant in the Little Italy neighborhood.  After the restaurant would close, I would watch the chefs make food for themselves and study their technique.  I love sharing my version of these Italian staples with my students.

This class was extra special because we were celebrating my first Crème "Baker's Dozen" student: Renee!!!  She has been taken my class EVERY month since the very first class in November 2015. It has been so rewarding to watch her grow in confidence in the kitchen.  Thank you for everything!  To much happiness in the kitchen!

It's all about the bread.  Am I right?!?  I was delighted to hear that after trying this bread, my students were planning on bringing my recipe to their Thanksgiving tables!  Delicious doesn't have to be complicated.


Next, we started the lasagna.  There is so much prep you can do ahead of time so you aren't scrambling and stressed when it's time to assemble.  I precooked my lasagna noodles and shredded the blend of cheeses earlier in the day so all I had to do was prepare the sauces and layer ingredients.  I love the presentation of individual portions of lasagna.

While the lasagna baked, I threw together the Pan-Fried Provolone Salad.  A simple, homemade vinaigrette, fried cheese, and candied tomatoes are the stars of this salad.

Do as the Italians do.  We ended the meal with Affogato - a light dessert with espresso.

I'm working to get some recipes up on youtube soon!  See you next week :)  Cheers! XOXO Paula