Crème Club Chichi

Oh my goodness.  This was my first all "Crème Club" class!  If you aren't familiar with classes, students who attend 6+ classes join my "Crème Club" and receive their very own embroidered linen apron.  By pure coincidence, I had all eight of my Crème Club students on the same night -- kicking off my December menu: Brunch Bash.

I love serving Bellinis for the holidays.  This is a twist on a simple recipe.  Start with a fruity puree.  Add sparkling wine and a dash of my super secret liquor.  

For this menu, we began with the Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Cakes.  These can be served warm out of the oven or at room temperature. They are heavenly either way.

While the breakfast cakes baked, we started on the French "Crème Style" Eggs.  This is a great recipe for brunch because it is truly low maintenance.  You don't have to mess with it much.

Next was one of my favorites...Sausage and Biscuit Pull Aparts.  You guys.  You will die.  These are sooooo good.  


We topped off the evening with Holiday Parfaits.  I whipped up a quick pomegranate juice reduction to drizzle on top.

Thanks Crème Club for a fabulous evening!  I can't wait to share these recipes with more of you in the coming weeks.  Cheers! XOXO Paula