Chicken & What?!?

Many of you were skeptical...but each and every one of my students left convinced at my first waffle class!  We were whisking away with waffles...

First, we started with my buttermilk waffle recipe.  I love my Breville waffle maker!  They have a variety of settings - Belgian, Classic, Chocolate (yum!), Buttermilk, and a Custom option.  My favorite part of the Breville waffle maker is the spill area.  It makes it so easy to clean up inevitable drips!  Once we cooked our first batch of buttermilk waffles, it was time for the appetizer.

Our appetizer for the evening was a BLT waffle bite with lemon basil aioli.  Delish!

Fried chicken. Check!  Renee, our honorary "Crème Club" member, drudged that chicken like no one's business.  My students earn Crème Club status when they attend 6+ classes.  Crème Club perks include an official apron to take home and first tasting privileges.  More on that later...

After frying the chicken, I sprinkled with a touch of kosher salt and placed in the oven.  Spoiler alert.  It was sooo yummy :)

Gold star for Jennifer! She helped make the homemade Creamy White Macaroni & Cheese!

Dinner is served! Crispy Chicken & Buttermilk Waffles with Creamy White Macaroni & Cheese. Shown with Sriracha Syrup on the left and Mustard Syrup on the right.

Many were skeptical, but chicken and waffles is where it's at!

Now on to the fun part...

Waffle Bar!  Fudge waffles...sweet berry compote...whipped cream...sprinkles...the works!

Happy day!  Fudge waffle with sweet and salty pretzels, chocolate and caramel sauce, sweet berry compote, peanut butter, and whipped cream....

I want to thank my waffle students for being so wonderful and trying this unique menu! XOXO CHEERS! Paula

**I don't have any more Whisk Away With Waffles classes on the calendar, but it is now available for private groups! Yay!