Watching The Storms Roll In

It's always a rush when a tornado touches down 30 minutes before class!  Thankfully, all my students arrived safe and sound...and were ready to cook!  The chickens were on storm watch while we focused on cooking up a pizza party.

After a few introductions, we started on the toasted parmesan zucchini.  I love to give my students something to snack on in the beginning of class.  And a few glasses of wine were poured...

I've said it before... and I'll say it again!  This pizza dough is SO SIMPLE and delicious. You don't need to buy frozen pizza ever again!  My pizza dough secret?  Use a food processor :)

The dark clouds didn't stop us from grilling the pizzas!  

Yum!  Margherita Pizza and Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza is served. I drizzled the Nutella on the Cannoli Dessert Pizza...and had a little left over...

Mama bird!  I don't have a pretty sunset picture to share this time, but the cool breeze was just as welcome!  CHEERS! XOXO Paula