A Crème Workshop: Pies & Pastries

Awwww....this was such a fun one! 14 Students. 4 Recipes. 2 Hours.  1 Saturday afternoon.

We couldn't start the workshop without a glass of wine!  Once everyone found a seat around the kitchen island and dining table, I dug right into my pie crust recipe.  Keep. It. Cold!

While I typically keep my pie crusts rustic, you can make a beautiful pie with shaped cutters and a little creativity!  This star design is perfect for Christmas or 4th of July celebrations.  

I had some yummy Peach Crumble Pies baked ready for my students to taste.

Next, we moved onto one of my favorite savory pies that I make for my family: Savory Chicken Puff Pastry.  There's no reason to try to make your own puff pastry -- the ones in the frozen section work perfectly!

Thank you so much to my ::cough cough:: volunteers!  They did a great job sealing these beauties up.  I had a little project for each student while we waited for the Savory Chicken Puff Pastry to bake...

...Homemade Pop Tarts!

You guys...these are SO easy and SO good!!!  Your friends and family will devour them.  I promise.  

A little frosting...SPRINKLES...and a cute take home bag for that special someone (or let's be honest, yourself!)  I absolutely loved seeing everyone's unique pop tart!  How fun would it be to get kids in the kitchen with this recipe?!?

Lastly, the savory pies were ready to enjoy!  This recipe can be customized to serve as an entree or an appetizer.

Thank you so much for spending your Saturday afternoon with me.  I can't wait to see pictures of your delicious pies this fall.  Send Monica your pictures at monica@cremedelacremeomaha.com and I will share on Facebook!

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Cheers! XOXO Paula