Burgers & Shakes

I was dreaming of this menu for months in advance!  But don't worry -- this isn't your typical diner food.  This is my elevated "Retro Diner Faves" menu: Truffled Curly Fries, Cobb Salad, Paula's Patty Melt, and a Pistachio Palmier Milkshake.  

As you know...I have to give my students something to wash their wine down with!  I fry the curly fries twice, at two different temperatures to obtain that crispiness.   I keep them warm in the oven between batches. To finish it off -- a fresh parmesan, garlic, herb mix with a truffle salt and oil drizzle.  My husband didn't believe that my students would eat all the curly fries I cooked up...but we proved him wrong.  They are THAT. GOOD.

Next, I showed my students an adorable Cobb Salad in a Jar.  The chicken in this salad is so versatile and delicious.  This is a great way to serve a Cobb Salad for luncheons or to pack and go for lunches.  I whipped up a vinaigrette.  You want to pack the jar with heavy ingredients to light ingredients if serving right away.  

While enjoying the salads, I started dreaming of dessert.  I mixed finely chopped pistachios and brown sugar, spread it on a buttered puff pastry, and folded into a Palmier.  Back they went into the fridge to keep it cool until baking.

For the burger, I had to share my secret to the perfect Patty Melt recipe!  Instead of Marble Rye Bread -- think Brioche.  Instead of Thousand Island dressing -- think a fresh lemon aioli.  And instead of melted Swiss cheese with caramelized onions -- think smooth French Brie cheese with caramelized shallots.  There are no words.  This recipe gives me shivers.

The cherry on top was the Pistachio Palmier Milkshake.  Oh my goodness.

Thank you for being my guinea pigs this class...I'm so happy you have these recipes in your back pocket!  Cheers! XOXO Paula