Mojo Chicken & Tres Leches Cake

I can't believe it's my last class in June: "Grillin' Cuban Style"!  If you are looking for your next private group menu -- this is it!  Pineapple Mojita, Crispy Plantains, Mojo Grilled Chicken, Black Beans, and Tres Leches Cake.  So. Much. Flavor!

This featured cocktail required all hands on deck.  I passed each of my 12 students a glass with mint, lime, and pineapple juice.  One by one, they mottled the mint to bring out the flavor, poured in 2 oz. of rum, and topped with crushed ice and Fresca.  I love this lighter version of a typical mojito!

Tonight's appetizer was the Crispy Plantains.  I lightly fried them in quarters.  Then, smashed and lightly fried again.  Top with brown sugar and an unexpected salty seasoning.  Serve warm!

Next up?  Tres Leches Cake.  This cake is so decadent.  It reminds me of the Pistachio Bundt cakes my grandma used to make.  Let it sit for 4 hours (wink wink!).

Time for the main event -- Mojo Grilled Chicken.  I like to brine chicken thighs for a few hours before grilling.  Then, add some citrus, garlic, onion, and magic into a blender for a flavorful sauce.  Pour over the drained chicken and let sit for about 20-30 minutes.  Then, off to the grill!

While the chicken is grilling, you can whip up my Black Beans recipe with bacon, green peppers, and onions.  I had a surprise in the back -- Coconut Rice for pairing!

Serve the Mojo Chicken with the Black Beans over rice.  So delicious!

Don't forget the cake!  Chilled Tres Leches Cake with Homemade Whipped Cream and Strawberries.

Thank you for spending your Thursday night in the Crème kitchen!  See you next month for my "Thai in July" menu.  Cheers! XOXO Paula