Family Style

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!  I was back in the Crème kitchen tonight with a charming family of seven.  We did a throwback to last April's menu: "Casa de Crème de la Crème" with a yummy Roja Blender Salsa, Creamy Verde Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Haystacks, and Fried Ice Cream.  Mom and dad enjoyed my "Paula-ritas" while the younger members enjoyed the hot chocolate bar.  

We kicked off the class with my Roja Blender Salsa.  I have heard from many of my students that this recipe has become a staple in their homes.  I love recipes that you can just throw together -- and this is one of them!

Next, we started on the Fried Ice Cream.  I have a secret trick to give it that crunchy would swear it was actually fried!

This Creamy Verde Chicken Enchilada recipe is the best.  The sauce is one of those that you will want to just drink.  I love the signature green color of this recipe.  Eating fresh food feels so great after coming out of Christmas coma.  

Time to start wrapping the enchiladas!  Everyone took a turn.  I was so proud!  Pour the creamy verde sauce -- we are ready for the oven.

Now, for my magic trick!  Mexican Haystacks.  With this recipe, I was determined to recreate that yummy rice you can only find at the Mexican restaurants.  Cowboy beans are another favorite of mine that I had to put my own twist on.

I love plating this menu.  It's so delicious!  I make a pretty "haystack" with rice and beans.  Garnish with a bit of cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado, and cilantro!

The finishing touch?  Fried Ice Cream.  Yummy!

Thank you for treating your adorable family to a Crème de la Crème cooking class!  It was a pleasure having you in my kitchen.  XOXO Paula