Mothers & Daughters

There is something so special about cooking together as a family.  I was thrilled to host this private group of mothers and daughters last Friday night.  They chose my "Cozy Italian" menu of Rosemary Focaccia Bread with Herbed Dipping Oil, Pan Fried Provolone Salad, Individual Lasagnas, and Affogato.  How yummy would this be to serve for Christmas?!?

Does it get any better than warm bread out of the oven?  My Herbed Dipping Oil is a flavorful combination of many dried herbs you will have in your pantry.

Next, we started the lasagna so it had plenty of time to bake.  I make my red meat sauce in one pot and let it simmer.  Then, I whip up my version of a Bechamel sauce to give the lasagna that creaminess.  

While the Individual Lasagnas bake, we got started on the Pan Fried Provolone Salad.  Before class, I roasted some Roma tomatoes low and slow.  The end result is a candied tomato that pairs so well with the fried cheese.  Toss in a light, homemade vinaigrette and enjoy!

These lasagnas need to sit for about twenty minutes after baking -- but it's so hard to resist diving in!

Like the Italians do, I served Affogato.  You can make it with traditional espresso or hot chocolate.

Thank you for braving the wintry weather Friday evening!  Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!   Cheers! XOXO Paula