Beef Bourguignon, Chocolate Mousse, & A Pair Of Birthdays!

It was so cool reviving my February "French Amorè" Menu for this fun private group!  Tonight's menu featured Beef Bourguignon, Herbed New Potatoes, Garlic Confit, and a true Chocolate Mousse.  After plenty of hugs and warm introductions, we were off!


The first recipe of the night was Garlic Confit - a super simple recipe perfect for dipping crusty bread or even adding to a vinaigrette or marinade. 

Next, we started whipping up the chocolate mousse.  I love to use Ghirardelli chocolate chips for this particular recipe.  The bittersweet and semi-sweet are a winning combination.  I had a volunteer separating the eggs!

With the chocolate mousse ready to chill, we started prepping for our main star: Beef Bourguignon.  I LOVE this recipe.  I thank my aunt and uncle for my love of French cuisine.  They taught me the art of French cooking from a Julia Child cookbook when I was a freshman in high school. 

Last but not least, we made herbed new potatoes.  You'll never want potatoes any other way. Delish!


It's not a true Crème de la Crème class without a gorgeous sunset!  Thank you ladies for celebrating your birthdays with me!  See you again soon :)