Takeout Favorites From Scratch

And with a toast...we were off!  We were lucky to have our "Crème Club" in attendance tonight. We also welcomed Debbie and Kim to their first Crème de la Crème class.  It was an eclectic group that made for fabulous company.

I started with the much anticipated Sweet & Spicy Crab Wonton Dip.  Fresh wonton chips have never been easier!

The Sweet Chili Sauce on the top is...to die for.  I often hear students say they aren't a big fan of crab and then they go up for seconds!  This dip is the bomb.

You would never know this group hadn't been best friends for years.  I love it when groups just click.  Lots of laughs.

We prepped the Chicken Satay and Cucumber Salad so that they had an hour to marinate in all the goodness.

Everyone gathered around the wok for the Thai Shrimp Fried Rice.  This recipes goes so quickly so I made sure to have all my ingredients prepped and ready.

We had a spectacular sunset view while grilling the Chicken Satay.  No. Complaints.

Thank you for a fabulous class ladies!!  Until next time...Cheers! XOXO Paula