Margaritas & Frenchies

If this class could be summed up in two words it would be margaritas and Frenchies.  Oh my.  I had such a fun time getting to know this group.  They also picked one of my favorite menus: Mexican!

Since it was 2:00 in the afternoon...I had to get something yummy started to munch on.  I showed the group my Roja Blender Salsa.  Super easy and quick. You'll never need to buy salsa in a jar again!

After the salsa, we moved onto my fresh verde recipe for the Creamy Verde Chicken Enchiladas. The secret weapon? Tomatillos!  But before we kept cooking our main dish, we had to make sure we had something sweet after the main course.

This tempting creamy verde sauce simmered and we moved onto the Mexican Haystacks.  Can you go wrong with bacon?  I don't think so...

Rolling, rolling, rolling...get those enchiladas wrapped up like a Chipotle burrito!

Waiting is always the hardest part.  But believe was worth it!  Here's a sneak peek of the bean component of the Mexican Haystacks.  So. Much. Flavor.

Finally, our reward -- Creamy Verde Chicken Enchiladas with Mexican Haystacks.  Don't forget the Fried Ice Cream for dessert!

Thank you for choosing Crème de la Crème for your team bonding event!  It was my pleasure to host your group in my home.  Cheers! XOXO Paula