Slap Ya Mama

Thursdays are for Crème de la Crème classes!  It was round two of my "Southern Crème Charm" menu featuring Cheesy Grits Bites, Braised Greens with Bacon, Pan Seared Pimento Cheese Pork Chops, and Peach Cobbler.

My Cheesy Grits Bites are everything you would want in a true Southern grits (plus, heavy cream and cheese!).  This recipe is so versatile -- appetizer or side muffins or 9x13 pan.  Top with seasoned sour cream (Slap Ya Mama!) and freshly chopped chives. The flavor kick is so delicious!

Next, we start the Braised Greens with Bacon so that it has time to soak up all the fantastic flavor. My kids were initially freaked out -- but they licked the pot clean when I did a trial run!  I love getting them to change their tune...The nutrients are in the broth so don't forget every last drop.

The pork chops come together very easily, so we skipped to dessert!  This "ease" factor of my Peach Cobbler recipe is reminiscent of my "Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding" from the Napa Valley menu.  So stinking easy.  I like to bake in individual ramekins for the cute factor -- but you can also do it in a 9x9!

While the Peach Cobbler baked, we started on our final recipe: Pan Seared Pimento Cheese Pork Chops.  I keep the sear simple with seasoned flour and hot oil in a skillet.  Then, I place the pork chops in a deep dish, fill dish with a white wine reduction, top with our homemade pimento cheese spread and sprig of thyme.  Finish baking in the oven.  Couldn't be easier!

It was a pleasure introducing my students to my take on the Southern staples: grits, pimento cheese, greens, and peaches.  I hope to see you again soon! Cheers! XOXO Paula