Margaritas & Fried Ice Cream

Nothing like kicking off summer with Margaritas, Creamy Verde Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Haystacks, and Fried Ice Cream!  That's right -- my "Casa de la Creme" was back!  It was such a pleasure hosting this private group.

We started with my favorite margarita recipe -- Tres Agaves, Grand Marnier, and Tequila.  Serve over crushed ice and enjoy!

Then, I had to share this "dump and go" salsa recipe.  You will NEVER want to buy salsa in a jar again!  It's all fresh ingredients and a can of whole peeled tomatoes.  Dump in a blender, mix, and start munching.  Warm up some tortilla chips in the oven for the ultimate salsa experience -- just be sure not to let them burn ;)

It may seem backwards, but we needed to get the dessert started for the end of the night.  This Fried Ice Cream recipe has become a staple in so many of my Crème Club students' homes.  And for good reason -- it's so simple and delicious!

For the main dish, we whipped the blender back out for the homemade verde sauce.  Broil tomatillos, poblanos, and jalapeños in the oven until charred.  Carefully, I said carefully, place in the blender to combine with the other ingredients.  I always leave the lid cracked, pulse slowly, and cover with a towel to avoid burns and explosions. 

After the sauce was blended, we added some creaminess to send it over the top.  I roasted and shredded chicken in advance so we filled the tortillas with white & dark chicken meat, green onions, and Chihuahua cheese.  I showed the group my burrito rolling skills and everyone wrapped their own burrito -- it was adorable!

Who doesn't love the smell of bacon and onions simmering?  My "Cowboy/Charro Beans" make a delicious side to the Creamy Verde Chicken Enchiladas.  But I always have surprise up my sleeve in this class ... The Mexican Haystack is an artful stack of my Mexican Rice recipe, Charro Beans, and array of pretty garnishes.

I made sure to remind everyone to save room for Fried Ice Cream.  It's so hard in this class because the enchilada is so fabulous.  I drizzled the frozen fried ice cream with warm honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.  Delectable!

Thank you ladies for such a great night.  It was an absolute treat having you in the Crème kitchen! Cheers! XOXO Paula