Spring Menu In The Summer

What's better on a hot Summer day then hosting a Spring menu for a fun group of ladies. Not much! I had a blast teaching this group one of my favorite menus... Spring! 

We started our evening noshing on Artichoke Cheese Squares as a yummy appetizer. The key to this recipes success is using sharp cheddar and fresh, hand-grated breadcrumbs. 

I love being able to go into my backyard and cut fresh herbs for the Herb Roasted Chicken. The combination of the herbs, lemon, and garlic lend to the most flavorful dish. I also love having extra help from my students... they're the best! 

We spoke about the different ways to compliment each season with the "Spring" Vegetable Tart. At Christmas you could add diced red pepper for a festive flair. How pretty would that be? Taking vegetables and preparing them two different ways adds to the depth of this tarts flavor. 

The grand finale for the evening was an amazing carrot cake in it's most simplest form. Not to mention - served in an adorable mason jar. Cooled just enough to have the brown sugar icing melt into the top of the cake. 

Thanks to such a charming and engaged group of ladies! A special shout out to Melissa- PS - Jake says "hi" back!

Now get to cookin'! 

xoxo - Paula