Bringing Back Thai

Tonight's Thai Menu was extra special because I got to congratulate Veronica on Crème Club! 6 classes and going strong. So grateful for your presence in my kitchen. It's been a pleasure! 

Now on to our first course... Crispy Pork Spring Rolls. Ground pork and cabbage combined fills the inside of these crispy rolls. Dark soy is the key to the flavor. 

Everyone got a hands on experience with proper rolling technique. 

There is a secret behind the sweet chili sauce ... but I can't divulge. That's why it's a secret! 

After everyone enjoyed their yummy appetizer we began preparing the crying tiger steaks for the grill. Once marinated we get a good sear and let them rest. The crying tiger relies heavily on the dried chili dipping sauce. "It's so spicy it can make a tiger cry." A little bit goes a long way. 

We garnished with my homegrown cucumbers, cilantro, and green onion. Presentation is as important and the flavor. Both were amazing! ;-) 

Our final recipe is a common street food in Thailand; Pad Thai. This popular noodle dish is best prepared at home having all ingredients ready. Once your wok is hot it all comes together quickly. 

The flavor in this recipe speaks for itself. The garnish is just as important as the many ingredients in this dish. 

This was such a fun class full of new & returning students. I can't wait for another opportunity to have you all in my kitchen soon. I hope you made some new friends too!