Fabulous French Food


I've been SO excited to share this menu with my students. Most people know my love affair with French food. There is a touch of French found here and there in a lot of my recipes! But tonight I wanted to bring French to the table in a way that won't intimidate-but impress and show how easy this classic style of cooking can be for everyone!


We started out by introducing one of my favorite cocktails...the "French" martini. A touch of Chambord and a frozen raspberry finish off this delicious drink.

Now...on to some "fabulous French" food...


tomatoes and thyme from the Crème Garden for our French Tomato Tart

pic before tomatos.jpg

 Amazing help in the kitchen tonight!

pic #5.jpg

voila! The finished product!

Next up is our Classic cheese souffle. I use two types of cheeses to insure a depth of cheesy goodness in my recipe. And don't forget to coat the dish with some freshly grated Parmesan. It's adds a buttery crust to your final dish! Soooo delish! I had the birthday girl help out and make one alongside me. Let me tell you...she did AMAZING!

We patiently waited for the soufflés and peeked through the oven door as not to disturb the baking process. When ready we got them out and they had baked to a beautiful golden brown! Great job!! Presentation was a simple sprig of fresh parsley from the garden. Perfection.

And lastly...dessert. Clafoutis (pronounced "Kla-foo-tee") is a very traditional French Countryside dessert. Velvety custard surrounds delicious sweet cherries. It is best served warm, and powdered sugar gives it a special finishing touch. One spoonful and you will be hooked. 

What a great evening with some pretty great "chefs"! A special menu for some pretty special people. Cheers and love in your "French" kitchen!

pic #18.jpeg