Spring Chicken Strikes Again

Every time I get asked to teach this menu, I get a smile on my face. I mean, who doesn't want to know how to make an herb encrusted, juicy, beautiful roast chicken? (Am I right?!) And to tell you the truth... I am beginning to think that most people do! This group of 8 amazing women walked though my door to help celebrate a dear friend's 50th birthday party. (Did I mention I love birthday parties too?) They learned the secrets of my chicken, along with Artichoke Cheese Squares for an appetizer, a flavor packed Spring Veggie Tart, and then finally a super moist, SUPER decadent carrot cake baked in a mason jar. Yes please.

But first, we start with wine...


Savory artichoke cheese squares pair nicely with the wine. Fresh breadcrumbs are the secret ingredient to this appetizer filled with artichokes and cheese.


Green onions and asparagus are prepared two ways for my silky spring tart. The preparation layers two different flavors and give it depth as well as beautiful color.


My herb roasted chicken has fresh cut herbs from my garden on the inside with some citrus and garlic-as well as on the outside too! Carrots and onions caramelize and take on all those roast chicken flavors


These super moist carrot cakes cool a bit out of the oven and then are topped with a swirl of decadent brown sugar cream cheese frosting. When the cakes are left a little warm the icing oozes right into the moist cake and it just melts in your mouth. Every. Single. Bite.


It was, once again, a successful class in the creme kitchen, and the perfect end to a girl's night out.

Cheers to the birthday chef!