Cooking Chicken in Style

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My next group of students sure know how to arrive at a Creme cooking class in style! Nothing like a stretch limo to drop you off at my kitchen!

12 close knit coworkers and friends came for a team bonding event to learn how to cook what?? You guessed Herb Roast Chicken menu!

We started the evening out tasting the Artichoke Cheese Squares, mingling and of course sampling some different wines.


This large group got to roast two chickens which meant extra hands in the kitchen. Luckily I had lots of volunteers who were anxious to get their hands all over these birds. Delicious! 


The vibrant green veggies are a treat to the eyes. Once roasted they give the perfect crunch in each bite. 


Up next, my savory Spring Veggie Tart. The delicious combination of fresh veggies, goat cheese, and pie crust had students asking for seconds!


This menu is bursting with flavor... what better way to end than with my oh-so-delicious carrot cake mason jars topped with a swirl of brown sugar cream cheese frosting. 


This carrot cake remains in its simplest form. The trick is to add the brown sugar cream cheese frosting to the cakes while warm allowing the icing to slightly melt into the cake. This trick will make your cake irresistible!  


This group was one in a million. I hope you enjoyed learning as much as I enjoyed having you in the Crème Kitchen! 

xoxo -