A Birthday Celebration "Cozy Italian" Style

So we had two Paula's in the Crème Kitchen tonight... and one of them was celebrating her birthday! Now being the birthday girl, I of course had her assist me in the kitchen first. 

On to my Sea Salt Rosemary Focaccia Bread. Putting this bread and Herb Dipping sauce together couldn't be easier. The flavors blend together phenomenally. Such a treat to start our Birthday Dinner! 

If you've never fried cheese before, you should. The star in this salad is a pan fried provolone. Behind this star - is a slow roasted tomato. This tomato makes a flavorful appearance in our divine vinaigrette. The combination of all these flavors will surprise you. One bite and you will be hooked! 

What better way to define cozy Italian than with a savory, creamy lasagna. A combination of two cheeses and a slow simmering red sauce layered in between ruffled pasta noodles & baked to perfection. When baked individually each serving is piping hot & ready to enjoy! 

To finish the celebration... do as the Italians do! An amazing brewed espresso over a creamy vanilla ice cream brings to the table that perfect affogato. It's topped with whipped cream & a cookie stick - colored sprinkles for the birthday girl! No one left this kitchen hungry!  

Paula was treated to a rendition of Happy Birthday 'Crème Style' in four different keys at the same time ;-). We know how to end an evening here! 

Happy Birthday to my namesake in the kitchen! I hope you enjoyed cooking with me as much as I enjoyed teaching you! Now on to your chicken enchilada class (wink wink).