Taco Thursday


Tonight I had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful group of women brought in by one of my best students, Tammy. Taco Tuesday? No... it's Two Taco Thursday in the Crème Kitchen!

We started the night with fresh corn chips & guacamole - this group (like myself) was a big fan of the guac ;-). Then, we "took it to the streets" with my pork carnitas + slaw tacos & shrimp + charred mexican corn tacos. But It isn't a true street taco night without a sopapilla to wrap up the experience. Delicious! 

Plan ahead... in my experience, avocados are at their best if you purchase 3 days prior to serving. Vegetable oil brushed on fresh tortillas with a hint of kosher salt makes for the perfect crunchy chip - Yum! 


Next on our menu is the Pork Carnitas Taco. I added fresh orange juice and bay leaves to the recipe. The citrus from the orange brings a freshness to the carnitas... citrus, you say? YES, do it! Adding a bay leaf or two adds a touch of earthiness as well. You can't go wrong with layers of flavor. The jalapeño slaw compliments this taco with a cool-crisp creaminess. 


On to street taco number 2...

The Shrimp is coated in a smokey chipotle sauce. Keep as many seeds in the smoked jalapeño that you want depending on how much heat you prefer. The roasted corn and sautéed vegetables give vibrant colors and taste. Yes please! Once the vegetables are cooked we let it sit and have those yummy flavors meld together. Who's all in for melding?!

It's time to end the evening with a Cinnamon Sugar Treat. The Sopapilla. We start with a cinnamon infused caramel sauce called Cajeta. Give it time to reduce for a rich caramel color ... then you know it's done. Serve warm on the side or drizzled over the top of this crispy cinnamon-sweet ending. I.WANT.MORE. 


I had WAY too much fun cooking these recipes with this group tonight. Hope you enjoy having a "street taco" night in your own home soon. I know I enjoyed having them in mine with you!