Rustic Italian

Tonight was the debut of my Rustic Italian menu - and what a great night it was! Packed with rich flavors throughout every bite, this four course meal was as delightful as my students. On the menu: Ciabatta Crostini with Tuscan White Bean Spread, Arugula Salad with Pear Vinaigrette, Prosciutto Cheese Ravioli Pomodoro, & Spumoni Ice Cream Sandwich. 


I put a twist on a Tuscan Bean Salad by transforming it into a spread on a ciabatta crostini. The burst of flavors finished with fresh parsley and olive oil is oh-so-delish! 

FullSizeRender 77.jpg
FullSizeRender 79.jpg

Now - on to my Arugula Salad... the simplicity of the dressing makes it the star of the salad. the sweetness of the pear juice with the zing of the vinaigrette leaves the palate lusting for more. Garnished with red onion, pears, goat cheese and of course - toasted hazelnuts (my favorite!). 

Look at those vibrant colors in my Pomodoro Sauce. We all know how much I love to cook with fresh herbs from my garden - well.. you guessed it - basil brings that extra zest. 

It's ravioli time! It's amazing how great this "crowd favorite" can be when it's homemade with a little TLC. ;-) Ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan blend together & pair with the salty prosciutto perfectly.  

We took our time to learn the perfect way to create the ravioli. Oh and we can't forget the finishing touch - a pastry cutter to shape the edges! So cute! 


Now everyone say cheese!!! One thing that you can never have enough of is fresh parmesan which finishes off this decadent dish. :-) 


But wait... there's more! My Spumoni Ice Cream Sandwich is layered with pistachio, cherry with chocolate chips, and chocolate ice cream. Served shortly after removing it from the freezer, this sweet & savory dessert is perfectly balanced to leave your sweet tooth satisfied. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful September evening with me! What a wonderful way to take a rustic twist on a classic menu. I hope you enjoy cooking this menu in the comfort of your home.