Fancy Fancy

I'm nothing if I'm not fancy.  I love to make Holiday Brunch extra special for my family.  From French "Crème Style" Eggs to Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Cakes, Festive Bellinis with a homemade raspberry puree, savory Sausage and Biscuit Pull beautifully layered Holiday Parfaits, it's simple to add that touch of love.  

It's so funny.  Every time I teach this class, my students are skeptical when I explain the technique I use to cook the eggs.  But, it is such a crowd pleaser!  I have been eating these eggs day and night.  For lunch, I pair it with a side salad.  Or, you can serve it as I do with complimentary brunch dishes.  

While the eggs cook low and slow, I start the Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Cakes.  These aren't quite muffins and they aren't quite cupcakes...they are light and fluffy pure bliss.  They are so yummy fresh out of the oven or the next day.


After we tasted the first two recipes, I showed my students my favorite biscuit recipe.  I don't want anyone buying canned biscuits again!  All kidding aside -- these are a great staple for a variety of dishes.  You will use this biscuit recipe over and over again.

Kiwi and Pomegranate are perfect to use for a Christmas parfait.  The vibrant green and red colors really make this parfait extra special.  I make a pomegranate juice reduction on the stove that drizzles so nicely on top.

I can't believe my Holiday Brunch menu is finished for December!  It was such a pleasure sharing these recipes with you.  I wish each of you a delicious Holiday Brunch with the ones you love! 

Cheers! XOXO Paula