Pasta Love


Two reasons why I love public classes 1. I get to showcase a new menu, 2. It brings together groups of people that may never have crossed paths otherwise. Tonight was just that; filled with both returning & new students, a lust for learning, & a love for pasta.

We featured my Rustic Italian menu. Rustic you ask...? YES! From the flavor packed white bean spread appetizer, to the crisp bite in the pear arugula salad, followed by the sauce left chunky on our ravioli, finished with a mouth-watering spin on an ice cream sandwich... YUM. Once again, no one left this kitchen hungry! 

First up, Ciabatta Crostini with Tuscan White Bean Spread. I chose my first helper (a returning student) to kick off the evening and she did not disappoint! She did a fantastic job (in record time ;-) ). Thanks Renee! 

Once the ciabatta was sliced it was time to give it some flavor. With a little help from this dynamic duo we were on our way to a delicious start. 

Now on to the white bean spread. Packed with flavor from sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, and cannelloni beans blended to make this savory spread. The layers of flavor are as delicious as they are pretty. Another helping hand learned how to chiffonade and finished off the dish with fresh parsley. 

My Arugula Salad with Pear Vinaigrette is a creative way to enjoy a light salad. My home made vinaigrette showcases pear juice and dijon mustard. The secret ingredient to this salad... toasted hazelnuts. 

And now we talk Prosciutto Cheese Ravioli. With a little help from another student (and another chiffonade lesson) we combined four kinds of cheese, prosciutto, & basil for the filling.

A quick lesson on ravioli stuffing and the girls were on it! 

The Pomodoro Sauce is made with whole peeled plum tomatoes seasoned and simmered for a rustic flair. Look at those fabulous (and cute!) ravioli. Bravo ladies! A quick 3 minutes and you have the perfect ravioli. 

IMG_2047 2.JPG

For dessert, my Spumoni Ice Cream Sandwich. 3 layers of delicious ice cream, toasted pistachios, and of course - sprinklers. A perfect way to end this delicious meal. 

What an amazing night and great way to kick off Fall. Thank you to my students for a memorable evening. I hope you take these recipes and have a Rustic night in your kitchen.